v1.1.5 is the first public release of sConnector. We are really glad to announce that the application is now passed through the ALPHA, BETA stages and is ready to serve developers’ needs.

In the current release we have concentrated on the following features:

  • Support for unary request
  • Support for bi-direaction streaming request
  • Support for file upload/download stream
  • Support for SSL/TLS request streams
  • Support for custom metadata headers with the gRPC request
  • Support for packages
  • Support for PROTO (version 3) from Editor / Local File / Remote URL
  • Support for different advanced data-types e.g. ONEOF, ENUM, BYTES, etc
  • Support for saving request history
  • Ability to search & re-excute from request history
  • Platform support for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, Debian/Ubuntu 64-bit, Redhat/Fedora/CentOS 64-bit, MacOS X 10+

We have releases sConnector as Debian / Ubuntu APT repository so that developers can install it with apt command as well. Please find the tutorial here.