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General HTTP/3 & QUIC

Introduction to HTTP/3 & QUIC

QUIC is an IETF standard. It’s been driving apps like Google, Facebook, and even mobile apps like uber, Instagram. Now officially that the QUIC transport protocol has been released, the transport layer has a new protocol in town. Are you wondering what QUIC is? It is not an acronym. It is pronounced as quick.  Was [&...

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General ProtoBuf & gRPC

Introduction to HTTP/2 & gRPC

gRPC uses HTTP/2 as its transfer protocol. Hence it inherits some great features that HTTP/2 offers. Such as, binary framing, which is high performance and robust, lighter to transport, and safer to decode compared to other text-based protocols. And because it's binary, it's a great combination with a protocol buffer....

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